Theresa Lozac'h

510 49th Street #206

Oakland, CA

(510) 332-6231



Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI

B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Family Studies

Graduated Cum Laude, May of 1993; Cumulative G.P.A. of 3.67 on a 4.0 scale


Edgewood College, Madison, WI

Teacher Certification in Early Childhood Special Education and Preschool - Third Grade

Graduated May of 1996; Cumulative G.P.A. of 3.81 on a 4.0 scale


California Professional Clear Multiple Subject Credential received in June 2003

California Preliminary Level I Education Specialist Credential obtained in June 2005

California Level II Education Specialist Credential granted in May 2011


Mills College, Oakland, CA

M.A. in Early Childhood Education with an emphasis in Educational Research

Graduated May of 2007; Cumulative G.P.A. of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale

Holy Names University, Oakland, CA

Educational Therapy student beginning August 2014

Completed 30 hours of training in Orton-Gillingham methods through IMSE in July 2015

Completed 30 hours of training with Ron Yoshimoto in Orton-Gillingham methods in July 2016

Completed initial training in Wilson's Just Words Intervention program in July 2016


Professional Experience – Publications, Speaking Engagements, and Full-Time Employment:

·       Developed a parent education program on child development for the Partnerships with Parents conference in Beloit, WI in January 1997.

·       Contributed to manuscript Play at the Center of the Curriculum, 4th edition (Van Hoorn, J., Nourot, P.M., Scales, B., & Alward, K.R., 2007, Columbus, OH: Pearson)

·       Presented at Kid Save International – Host Family Training in June 2007 on Attachment Theory

·       Primary presenter at the California Association for the Education of Young Children (CAEYC) statewide conference in April 2008 on quality care environments and their impact on emotional regulatory development.


Beyond Quality Consultants, Berkeley, CA

Founder and Lead Educational Consultant, 7/11 – Current

·       Providing support and education to East Bay families, linking parents with schools that match their unique value systems in combination with the individual needs of their one-of-a-kind child.


Oakland Unified School District, Programs for Exceptional Children, Oakland, CA

Program Specialist, 8/08 – 7/11

·       Provided support for over 30 programs district-wide for children on the autism spectrum and for children with severe disabilities in special day class settings and full inclusion programs through program development and IEP team support. In 2010, caseload expanded to include all PreK classrooms for children with special needs in Oakland, including children with low-incidence disabilities and communication disorders.

·       Observed, coordinated, and communicated with professionals, families, other program specialists and outside agencies throughout the process of placing children with special needs into appropriate classroom settings including transitioning children from PreK to Kindergarten settings and fifth graders to appropriate middle school programs within OUSD.

·       Developed and presented monthly professional development seminars for 120 special educators on a variety of topics to promote IEP compliance and district policy and procedures. Additionally, created seminars for general educators working within full inclusion programs on social thinking strategies for children with high-functioning autism.

·       Organized and promoted large-scale professional development opportunities for teachers including attendance at the Pivotal Response Training conference at UC Santa Barbara for all PreK and Elementary teachers of children with autism; training and access to curriculum for elementary level inclusion teachers on Social Thinking strategies with Michelle Garcia Winner; and TEACCH training for 60 teachers of children with severe disabilities district-wide.

·       Supported intern teachers through their first year of teaching through organizing district-wide new teacher orientation and developing small group workshops on formal assessment principles, including implementing supportive accommodations and modifications for students, using a web-based IEP system, and developing compliant and descriptive IEPs. Mentored new teachers through first IEP meetings and gave in-class support on classroom design, curriculum development, and behavior modification.

·       Spearheaded departmental improvements including a Google website to promote greater communication within and across PEC departments; an educational evaluation report template for SH teachers to increase consistency and compliance; and a teacher-led, professional development conference supporting action based research within OUSD special education classrooms.


Mills College Children’s School, Oakland, CA

Full-day Kindergarten-First Grade Teacher, 8/07 – 6/08

·       Developed constructivist, emergent, multi-age curriculum within a laboratory school setting. Curriculum developed in accordance to student interests while integrating California state standards for Kindergarten and First grade in literacy, math, science, and social studies.

·       Supervised student teachers within the classroom setting, coordinating their learning environment with professionals from the Department of Education at Mills and individual goals set by the students.

·       Organized and observed the assessment of potential Kindergarten applicants for the 2008-2009 school year and contributed to a school-wide search committee for a new lab school director.


The Nueva School, Hillsborough, CA

Half-day Kindergarten Teacher for the Gifted and Talented, 8/02 – 6/04

·       Developed constructivist Kindergarten curriculum for children with verbal, musical, artistic, mathematical, and spatial gifts within an independent, progressive school setting. Project-based curricula developed in accordance with student interests and coordinated with Science, Math, Music, and P.E. specialists.

·       Sought out staff development seminars (including the Innovative Teachers Project, Lindamood-Bell phonemic sequencing program (LIPS), and Chabot Space and Science teacher development, speakers (Howard Gardener, Trish Calvert, and Barbara Kerr), and conferences  (California Association of Independent Schools and National Association of the Gifted) in order to increase knowledge base regarding of the special needs of gifted and talented children.

·       Participated in observing and assessing potential students for the 2003-2004 Kindergarten program.  Collaborated with other grade level team members, admissions personnel, and Nueva’s Early Childhood administration throughout decision-making process.

·       Constructed and maintained a class web site in order to increase communication regarding academic curriculum and student progress to classroom families.

·       Completed National Board Certification process to examine and deepen personal teaching practice and worked as a teacher mentor for the Cal State TEACH program.


E.C. Reems Academy of Art and Technology Public Charter School, Oakland, CA

Full-day Kindergarten Teacher, 8/99 – 6/02

·       Constructed a comprehensive, literacy -based Kindergarten curriculum for at-risk children from diverse racial and economic backgrounds in cooperation with grade-level team members.  Curricula and methodologies used included whole language, guided reading, MathLand, Math Their Way, Making Words, TRIBES, Scholastic phonics, and Foss Science. 

·       Promoted to Grade Level Team Leader in September 2000.  Responsibilities included; scheduling and coordinating team meetings at the K – 1 level, assisting administration with personnel decisions, mentoring new teachers in school policy and curricula, and attending regular team leader meetings to assist in developing school policies and procedures. 

·       Promoted to Lead Teacher in September 2001. Continued with grade level team responsibilities and coordinated lead teachers at other grade levels, second – eighth grade.  Responsible for organizing monthly lead teacher meetings, presenting needs of grade levels to the administration, and coordinating school-wide improvement plans proposed by lead team members. 

·       Participated in a week long, in-depth seminar discussing symptoms and screening of children with dyslexia.  Attended follow-up lectures on tutoring children with dyslexia and assisting students with dysgraphia. 

·       Presented to teaching staff on identifying and assisting children with dyslexia in the classroom setting and designed and executed several staff-development seminars on classroom conflict resolution techniques and behavior modification principles for individual students throughout the school year.

·       Collaborated with other school professionals to develop a Student Study Team for teachers to receive help in identifying and assisting children with special needs within mainstream classrooms.

·       Participated in after-school tutoring for children achieving below grade-level and in after-school                  enrichment classes to provide a diversity of experiences for students.

·       Coordinated several book fairs with parent and staff volunteers to extend access of quality children's literature to E.C. Reems' students.  Proceeds from the book fairs went to create a chapter book lending library and to expand classroom book collections.

·       Staff-nominated Teacher of the Month, February 2002 and May 2002.


Oakland Unified School District, Howard Elementary School, Oakland, CA

Special Day Class Teacher for Children with Autism; Kindergarten - First grade, 8/98 - 8/99

·       Developed an inclusive, developmentally appropriate curriculum for children with a diagnosis of Autism in cooperation with on-site general education teachers, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, and Psychology professionals.

·       Developed classroom programming that included the use of discrete trial methodologies, TEACCH schedules and work systems, and small and large group activities focusing on language development, self-help, fine motor, and gross motor skills.

·       Participated in multiple educational seminars on behavior modification, developing and implementing behavior plans within an IEP, discrete trial and language development, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), and the use of social stories within the classroom environment. 

·       Assisted in developing a staff development program on disabilities for mainstream students and educators to increase awareness and sensitivity towards individuals with challenges.

·       Collaborated with other special education professionals to develop consistent K-5 programming for children with autism between school sites.


Madison Metropolitan School District, Midvale Elementary School, Madison, WI

Full-day Kindergarten Teacher, 8/97 - 6/98

·       Developed a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate Kindergarten curriculum for children from a diversity of backgrounds in cooperation with Speech and Language, English as a Second Language, Title 1, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, and Psychology professionals.

·       Supervised three University of Wisconsin student teachers as well as parent volunteers within the classroom setting.

·       Participated in multiple educational seminars and discussion groups on whole language, brain research and its educational implications, and in the New Zealand-developed, Literacy Workshop model of reading instruction.

·       Collaborated with other professionals in creating a grant application for funding to develop novel programming to support a growing Limited English population.  Attended seminars on bilingual education to expand knowledge of theories regarding the education of ELL students.


Beloit Area School District, Converse Elementary School, Beloit, WI

Full-Time Early Childhood Teacher for Children with Exceptional Educational Needs, 8/96-7/97

·       Developed an inclusive, developmentally appropriate curriculum for 19 children between the ages of three and six with a range of developmental and environmental challenges.

·       Participated in a monthly screening team for the greater Beloit area to identify children with special needs.  Responsible for 35% of all new early childhood intakes, assessments, and IEP development within the district.


Professional and Personal References:

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