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Who We Help

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Why do I need help in choosing a school? Good question. While some parents head off on this journey without support, families that choose the guidance of a Beyond Quality consultant do so because:
  • They are overwhelmed or confused about the myriad of educational choices in the East Bay (and beyond) and want help in accessing helpful information and sifting through the “edu-speak” found at school tours and Back-to-School nights.
  • They are having trouble isolating the most important factors in selecting a school for their student—and need assistance in examining and prioritizing what type of school would be best.
  • They are moving to the Bay Area and need support in choosing a school—someone who can do a little legwork for their family from afar. 
  • Their child might have some unique academic or social needs that require an experienced eye in searching for the right educational fit.
  • They work full-time! Busy families may need us  to do some high-quality legwork to find out about school options in their area. Their demanding schedules necessitate someone who will communicate flexibly,  meet with them when their schedule allows—and support them in making the best choice for their child.
  • They want to work with another person collaboratively in examining options—and see the benefit of bouncing ideas off a seasoned professional to sort through the choices available.
  • They are considering retention in preschool—and want an expert's opinion on how ready their child is for their first, big school experience.
  • They are unhappy with their current school—and don’t want to make the same mistakes in choosing a next step for their family.
  • They want support in putting their family's best foot forward in the application process - knowing that the private schools can be a little competitive on our side of the Bay.

How can you help my family?

We can help in a variety of ways that can be tailored to meet the needs of your individual family. Click here for a full list of services we can provide or contact us if you have a unique need. 

What about GreatSchools.org? Isn’t that all the information I need?

Well…honestly, no. Read our blog “A Needle In A Haystack” to find out more about why online databases should be only the beginning of your search for your child’s first, and most important, school environment.

Where do we start even thinking about such a big decision? 

Glad you asked. Here are our thoughts on the subject to get you started. 

This is only for families looking for a private school, right?

Nope. Our consultants have experience in many educational environments and want to help you identify what is most important to you in selecting your child’s school, whatever kind it might be. Public, private, special education, charter…even homeschooling—we can be of support in your decision making process.