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What Does Your Child Need in a School?

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School-Based Observations

Concerned about your child in school? Worried they aren't ready for the next step - academically or socially? Thinking about whether your current school is a good fit for your child - and wondering what might work better? Our school-based observations are unobtrusive, but provide detailed and complex feedback from an experienced educator to help you examine your child's academic and social needs in school. 

Can Include:

    • Initial consultation to identify key concerns
    • Child observations including teacher interviews 
    • Detailed report summarizing observations including specific recommendations on supporting your child in school
    • In-depth review of observations and recommendations at your convenience

Formal Educational Evaluation and Consultation

An educational consultation can be useful in determining next steps to address a child’s learning needs within their current educational setting. Families could desire a consultation for many reasons—to sift through information provided by a diversity of teachers, therapists, etc. to become clear on key educational needs and next steps; to gather information to better understand the child’s academic strengths and weaknesses; or to answer questions about academic support and programming that would best meet the child’s needs.

The following services could be included in an educational consultation:

  • Reviewing the child’s previous assessments and documents from other teachers, therapists, pediatricians, etc.
  • Complete academic achievement testing using at least two standardized assessment tools examining reading, writing, and math skills
  • Observing and interviewing the student in his/her primary educational setting
  • Interviewing family & school personnel for a picture of the whole child
  • Meeting with family (and school personnel, if desired) to explain assessment results and provide resources for accommodating and modifying the learning environment to meet the needs of the child
  • Writing a report with recommendations for next steps—including referrals to other service agencies if appropriate 
  • Support in navigating access to district special education services, if needed (Note: Academic assessments alone cannot diagnose or label a child with a disability, nor can its’ results provide guaranteed access to special education services.)

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