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Special Education Advocacy

Two girls playing together, one in a walker
How do you best support your child within the Special Education process?*

We feel that Special Education advocacy supports students and families when every member of the IEP/therapeutic team is focused on:
  • Communication - not coercion
  • Teamwork - not tunnel vision
  • Respect - not railroading

And, most importantly, keenly centered on the ever changing needs of the individual student.

From Theresa: 

“As a program specialist for Oakland Public Schools, I have worked with hundreds of special education teams in creating IEPs that meet the unique needs of students. Meeting daily with families, teachers, therapists, administrators, children, and advocates, I have a clear view of the advocacy skills that promote success within an IEP meeting – as well as how to create a collaborative team that functions as a whole in the best interest of the child.”

If your family needs help within the special education system, we can: 

  • Provide individualized consultation to assist you in analyzing and prioritizing goals for your child and thoroughly prepare for your next IEP meeting.
  • Provide support for your family at your next IEP meeting, including supporting you in communicating your priorities for the team and your child in a manner that promotes proactive communication and problem solving.
  • Provide intensive support for your child’s IEP team in helping you grow as a collaborative whole, and move forward in a positive way in supporting your child in school.
  • If needed, help your family find an alternative educational setting outside the public schools to truly match the needs of your child.

Contact us for an appointment to see if we can help you navigate and communicate effectively within a complex system. Let's move towards what works best for your child and your family!