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The Elusive Interdistrict Transfer in Berkeley

posted Oct 28, 2011, 12:30 PM by Theresa Lozac'h
The Daily Californian just did an article about BUSD's "over-granting" over interdistrict transfers - meaning allowing a child to attend a Berkeley public school when they don't live in Berkeley. The article stated that BUSD is granting over 500 each year. Read the full article here. Some of my unanswered questions  from the article are: 

--What percentage of these transfers are used to allow district employees' families to attend school in BUSD? 

--In some cases, districts reimburse other districts for taking a child that they can't serve  - called memorandums of understanding. Are some of these cases those? Is BUSD then, being reimbursed for these out-of-district children? 

--Is there a cap on interdistrict transfers? If so - what is it? Who decides who gets in and who doesn't? What are the detailed policies regarding this? 

Maybe some openness on the part of the school district regarding their policies might be helpful in everyone seeing a clear picture.