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School-Based Observations Available!

posted Apr 8, 2014, 11:21 AM by Theresa Lozac'h
One service I love to provide to families is the opportunity to see your child in school from different point of view. School-based observations are a great way of getting an objective and experienced opinion on your child's strengths and your child's needs in a school setting. I have gone to observe preschoolers that families are concerned with readiness for Kindergarten; I have gone to look at a child's behavior at school and what supports we could provide to make them more successful in that setting; I have gone to examine social dynamics of a classroom and make recommendations about how to support a child in managing a tricky social environment. There are many reasons that busy families may want a peek into their child's day at school…and I love to do it! Contact me if you are interested in getting a nagging question answered about your child in school - I would love to help!