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Getting to Know a School...

posted Nov 30, 2011, 10:46 PM by Theresa Lozac'h
I overheard a family today on a school tour saying, "I feel like we need to spend a week in each school to really make a decision". I know many families who feel like the school tour really isn't enough to make an informed choice. Is there another option? 

Absolutely!  Get to know schools you are interested in by attending their holiday functions!  Many schools have holiday performances, gathering, etc. and are very happy to have you participate in their community celebrations. Below is a link to Walden's Winter Frolic - happening this weekend (12/3) - a Berkeley private school where students are performing, crafts for kids are available, and there will be plenty of community members to talk to to get the real skinny on the community you might be joining.

Who said that finding a school had to be all work and no play?