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What Our Clients Say

"After struggling through a very difficult kindergarten year for my son, we turned to Theresa Lozach for help.  She is so amazing.  She empathized deeply with our struggle to find the right educational environment for our son and for our family.   She helped guide us through clarifying our values both individually and as a couple.  Theresa has the perfect mix of professional experience (in private and public schools), understanding of children's needs, warmth, caring and the ability to get things done.  She is incredibly organized and responsive.  Working through the process with her, we were able to identify our most important needs and to focus on getting into a school that met them.  Our son has just finished first grade at a wonderful school.  We are so grateful to Theresa for helping us find the right place for our family." - Jessica B.

Theresa and her daughter, Lily

"I highly recommend Theresa Lozach! Theresa is grounded and wise, resourceful and skillful. She helped our family through the process of finding an elementary school for our son by helping us access our own wisdom and intuition about what is right for our family. Theresa’s compassion and responsiveness helped us feel as if we had a guide and a friend through the sometimes daunting process of finding a school. Theresa does not have a specific agenda about public v. private v. charter and was therefore very supportive and open to helping us explore several options. She always has in mind what’s best for her clients. I recommend you call her immediately!" - Ruth Ann B.

"If you are overwhelmed trying to navigate the sea of public school options processes, considering moving to access a different school district, or are trying to find the ideal private, public, or charter school for your child, then Theresa Lozac'h of Beyond Quality Consultants is the woman to call! Theresa has vast experience in the private, public, and charter sectors both as a teacher and an administrator which deeply informs her perspective. Her years working with children gives her insight into each child's strengths and challenges, and skill that was extremely valuable working with my son. Theresa approaches her work with kindness and compassion, making space for the roller coaster of emotions that can go hand in hand with finding the right school. This openness made me very comfortable with her, even when we were navigating some particularly challenging situations. In terms of her professionalism, Theresa is extremely organized, punctual, and accountable. Her communication style is clear and prompt, and makes herself  very available for communication should things come up in between sessions.  She has the unique ability to structure and tackle even the most difficult tasks (such as helping navigate my son's first IEP meeting) with confidence and ease. I came out of what was an daunting situation feeling fully informed and even empowered.  I feel very grateful to work with Theresa Lozac'h. She is a very special person, and is truly a gem." - Erin C.